Member Bulletins

This page contains general interest information and news about the Fun Times Singers chorus and its activities. For specific information related to our rehearsals, go to the Rehearsal Schedule page.

Recruiting new members for Summer Session

This is the announcement that Tara put on her bulletin board:

Sample Folk Songs

This is a list of sample folk songs that Kevin identified as possible songs for a special. These are representative of the theme for the concert, but it is not a requirement that an ensemble pick its song from this list.


MIDIs for Summer 2017 session

The music chosen for the summer is on the website

Please help me find errors by reviewing the music before the first rehearsal.

Spring 2017 Concert Attire

Women -

Men -

Concert Marketing Materials

For those of you who would like to print your own flyers or send email with the marketing images, the following links are provided to get the images.

SMALL IMAGE FOR EMAIL:    flyer_email.jpg

LARGE (8.5x11") PRINTABLE FLYER:  Spring2017_flyer.pdf 
      (this big file may take a while to download)


Minutes from Board Meetings

The minutes of recent board meetings are available to FTS members. You can view the minutes at FTS Board Meeting Minutes

Concert Pictures

George Hamma has posted a collection of pictures that he shot at various performances of FTS and other musical groups. You can view these pictures by going to

Our Website

Our site is organized to serve the needs of both members and visitors. We'd like to keep the site fresh with new content, so go ahead and save this site as a favorite and plan on visiting often. If you have suggestions, content, or pictures that you would like to see posted, please send email to the Webmaster.

Communicating with the Membership

If you have a message that needs to be broadcast to Fun Times Singers Members, please send it to the President.

Reimbursement for Fun Times Singers Expenses

If you have advanced costs on behalf of the Fun Times Singers and are applying for reimbursement, please click on this link to print out a Request for Reimbursement Form, fill it in, attach your receipt(s), and submit it to Rudy Kalafus, Treasurer, at rehearsal.