Dear Fun Times Singers,
July 2022

We are resuming our regular session format for Fall 2022, including a concert at the end of the session


First night back is August 17th. Please, make every effort to be there.
The location is the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church at 12770 Saratoga Avenue.
The concert is scheduled for Sunday afternoon, December 4th, at local venue to be determined.

Due to the rising costs of, well, everything - we have raised our membership fees for the first time in eight years.
Because of all that, we have created a new fee structure:

$60 = General Membership for one session (includes everything it always did: sheet music, director and accompanist, rehearsal rental space, etc.)
$75 = Extra Generous Membership (if this is an amount that you can comfortably swing, it would help us immensely).
$$ = Additional Donation - Any amount over and above the minimum $60 would be gratefully accepted.

Of course, we are a 501(c)(3) organization so all donations are tax deductible!

REQUIREMENTS: In addition to our previous full vaccination requirement, we will now require everyone to have received the booster shot. You can bring your vaccine card, or a copy or the State of CA Digital Covid-19 Vaccine Record to the first night's rehearsal. Get your digital vaccine record here: Digital COVID-19 Vaccine Record ( You can also save yourself some time and send a photo/scan of your record directly to me at

TO BRING FIRST NIGHT: Your membership fees ($60 or $75 and any additional optional tax deductible donation). Any music we're singing that you have from a previous session. Proof of vaccination and booster status.

Looking forward to getting back to a regular season of singing and fun.
Tara Lee, President

Yes! I want to join. (Bring this form and payment with you to the first rehearsal you attend and please print clearly).

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Phone: (Home)___________________________________(Work)________________________

Emergency Contact Name: _______________________________________________________

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Fee: $60 ($75 if you're feeling generous) circle one:   check   cash

Please circle one:    Soprano     Alto    Tenor    Bass

While the Fun Times Singers is a community chorus dedicated to the enjoyment of making music, please understand that joining the Fun Times Singers also includes making a commitment. If you join, you are expected to:

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