Choraliers Sell Out "Musical Memories" Concert

By Ellen
July 14, 2005

The Choraliers' recent "Musical Memories" show (June 12) was a sell-out!

With great ticket sales and wonderful donations for our silent auction and other fund-raising activities*, we raised more money than we expected to support our outreach performances, and we had a lot of fun doing it! As we normally perform in senior-oriented venues (residences, nutrition centers, convalescent hospitals, etc.), this concert was one of the few opportunities for our families and friends to see us perform, which made it a very special day for us.

The Choraliers have started their first-ever summer session, running July 11th through August 15th. Due to travel and lots of "grandchildren" activities in the summer, the choir has fewer members than usual, but we're enjoying the chamber-chorus feel of a smaller group and the opportunity to stay in touch through the summer. Fall session will start September 19th (probable). Fall is always a busy season, as we expect to have several holiday performances.

The Choraliers were recently awarded a grant by Arts Council Silicon Valley to support our senior outreach performances. We're very pleased that they have chosen to support our mission and appreciate the opportunities this funding offers us to further establish ourselves as a community-based choir serving our local seniors.

* The Choraliers would like to acknowledge and thank the following local merchants who provided silent auction items, door prizes, or other donations: Cooper-Garrod Estates Vineyards, Real Health Acupuncture, Yamagamiís Nursery, By-th-Bucket Restaurant, San Jose Repertory Theater, Albertsonís, Safeway, Whole Foods Market, Santa Clara Players, Hong Fu Restaurant, BJís Restaurant & Brewery, Priest,Stream and Donally Accounting Service, Times New RomanBateh Brothers Liquors, Triton Museum of Art, Charles Atkinson of Buschi Salon.

We also gratefully acknowledge the donations of time, money, expertise, and energy from many individual contributors in our families and our communities.


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