The Fun Times Singers is a non-profit organization led by a volunteer Board of Directors. Additionally, many members serve on committees that divide up the behind-the-scenes workload. Board minutes and organization financial records are open to the membership. Member suggestions are actively solicited and given careful consideration.

Your Board wants to serve the members' needs and answer your questions, so please let them know your thoughts either in person or by email.

Board of Directors -- 2017

Rich Guyon

Lois Huckins

Rudy Kalafus

MaryAnn Bouchard

Sue Heller
General Director 1

Sue Stiller
General Director 2

Tara Lee
General Director 3

Active Committees

Membership:Ginger Deem, Sue Stiller
Music Librarian:Norine DeGregori, Marge Wagner
Web Site :Rich Guyon
Phone/Mailings:Barbara Howell, Madelyn Scocca
Venue/Facilities:Lynda Fox, Nancy Vaughan
Fund Raising:Madelyn Scocca, Mary Missakian
Rehearsal CDs:Bob Sinn
Publicity:Lois Huckins
Tickets:Bob Sinn, Nancy Tepperman, Rich Guyon, Sue Stiller, Susan Heimsoth
Programs:Suzanne Burns-Tobin
Stage Crew:Fred Rust, Bob Quenelle, Bob Sinn, Bob Stoner, Douglas Brooner, George Hamma, John Albrecht, Mark Streicker, Rich Guyon, Ron Collins, Terry Tanner
Sound Engineering:Bob Quenelle
Reception:Cindy Guyon, MaryAnn Bouchard, Monique Huguenin
Concert CDs:Bob Sinn, Bob Quenelle, Rich Guyon
Copyright Clearance:Cindy Guyon
Recruiting:Barbara Howell, Mark Streicker, Rich Guyon
Election:Angela Govig, Lynda Stahl, Sybil Lewis
Bylaws:Rudy Kalafus, Lynda Fox, Nancy Tepperman, Rich Guyon, Sue Stiller

Minutes from Board Meetings

The minutes of recent board meetings are avialable to FTS members. You can view the minutes at FTS Board Meeting Minutes

Bylaws of the Fun Times Singers

The Fun Times Singers is a non-profit charitable corporation and you can view the bylaws here.

Policies of the Fun Times Singers

We have a written policy statement that outlines the operational aspects of our chorus. Take a look .