FTS Is Currently On a Break

We are currently not meeting until the beginning of January, 2022, when we will attempt to resume a normal session of 12 or so weeks working towards a public concert.

Of course, there are a lot of factors that could modify these plans, so keep your fingers crossed.

Check the FTS Bulletin Board page for updates. Details will change but most important is that


We anticipate that we will still be singing outside to take advantage of the ventilation. If you want to sit inside to sing, you must wear a mask while in the Fellowship Hall.

If you want to sing without a mask, you can sit outside on the patio. But bring a mask in any case. You should wear a mask when we are on break or any time you need to enter the Fellowship Hall.

Attendance Policy Reminders

You may be asked to sit out the concert if:
Please plan your schedule accordingly.

Spring 2022 Rehearsal Schedule (TENTATIVE)

BREAK Wednesday, January 5
Board Meeting - 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Prince of Peace
All members invited
Week 1 Wednesday, January 12 Practice begins 7:15 PM
First night of Spring 2022 session
Week 2 Wednesday, January 19 Practice begins 7:15 PM
Week 3 Wednesday, January 26 Practice begins 7:15 PM
Week 4 Wednesday, February 2 Practice begins 7:15 PM
Last night for Spring 2022 registration
Week 5 Wednesday, February 9 Practice begins 7:15 PM
Week 6 Wednesday, February 16 Practice begins 7:15 PM
Week 7 Wednesday, February 23 Practice begins 7:15 PM
Week 8 Wednesday, March 2 Practice begins 7:15 PM
Week 9 Wednesday, March 9 Practice begins 7:15 PM
Week 10 Wednesday, March 16 Practice begins 7:15 PM
Ensemble Auditions
Week 11 Wednesday, March 23 Practice begins 7:15 PM
Week 12 Wednesday, March 30 Practice begins 7:15 PM
Week 13 Wednesday, April 6 Practice begins 7:15 PM
Week 14 Wednesday, April 13 Practice begins 7:15 PM
Pre-registration for Summer 2022 session
Week 15 Wednesday, April 20 Practice begins 7:15 PM
Pre-Dress attendance mandatory
Last night of pre-registration for Summer 2022 session
  Sunday, April 24 Concert afternoon - Call time 1:00PM, ready to sing
BREAK Wednesday, April 27  
BREAK Wednesday, May 4