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Music by Bell, Smith, Brown, Taylor, Mickens, Toon, Thomas, Bell, Deodato
Arranged by Kirby Shaw
Joy to the World
Music by Hoyt Axton
Arranged by Jeff Funk
Song of Peace
Music by Frederic Chopin
Arranged, with new words, by Jay Althouse
The Rhythm of Life
Music by Coleman
Lyrics by Fields
Arranged by John Leavitt
You'll Never Walk Alone
Music by Rodgers and Hammerstein
Arranged by William Stickles
Put on a Happy Face
Music by Adams and Strouse
Arranged by Billingsley
What a Wonderful World
Music by Weiss and Thiele
Arranged by Mark Brymer
Put a Little Love in Your Heart
Music by Gamble, Huff, Holiday, Myers, De Shannon
Arranged by Greg Gilpin
Ensemble: Roger Fisher, Cindy and Rich Guyon, Kathy Potter, Bob Quenelle, Linda Swenberg, KC Tanner, Nancy Vaughan
Whistle and Percussion: Eric Serdahl
I'll Be There
Music by Holland, Dozier and Holland
Arranged by Mac Huff
Soloist: Mike Crow
Do You Believe in Magic?
Music by John Sebastian
Arranged by Mac Huff
Ensemble: Suzanne Burns-Tobin, Lynda Fox, Judy Erkanat, Barbara Howell, Kathy Potter and Nancy Vaughan
The Sound of Music
Music by Rodgers and Hammerstein
Duet: Sybil Lewis and Jack Peters
You've Got a Friend
Music by Carole King
Arranged by Mark Brymer
Ensemble: Dena Lebovitz, Mike Crow, Joyce DeGagne, Rudy Kalafus, Rachael Skinner, TJ Roberts
Look to the Rainbow
Music by E. Y. Harburg
Arranged by Burton Lane
Ensemble: Sybil Lewis, Sue Heller, Lynda Fox, Kathleen Thorne
Joyful, Joyful
Music by L. Van Beethoven
Arranged by Mervyn Warren
I Dream a World
Music by Andre Thomas
Turn the World Around
Music by Belafonte and Freedman
Arranged by Roger Emerson
You Raise Me Up
Music by Graham and Lovland
Arranged by Roger Emerson
One World
Music by Mark Hayes