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Sleigh Ride
Music by Leroy Anderson
Lyrics by Mitchell Parish
Arranged by Hawley Ades
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!
Music by Jule Styne
Lyrics by Sammy Cahn
Arranged by Carl Strommen
Deck the Rooftop
Music and lyrics by Adam Anders, Par Astrom and Nicole Hassman
Arranged by Adam Anders and Tim Davis
Ensemble: Angela Govig, Bob Sinn, Rich Guyon, George Hamma, Ginger Deem, Julie Salvador, Lynda Stahl, Sue Heller, Sue Stiller
Christmas Shopping Blues
Music and lyrics by Ruth Morris Gray
Performed by The Chix: Barbara Howell, Carol Griffith, Donna Lindert, Glenda Rasmussen, Kathy Potter, Lois Huckins, Lynda Fox, Nancy Vaughan, Norine DeGregori, Suzanne Burns-Tobin
Silent Night
Music and lyrics by Joseph Mohr and Franz Gruber
Arranged by Russel Robinson
Duet: Julianne Savage, Susan Heimsoth
Merry Christmas Darling
Music and lyrics by Frank Pooler and Richard Carpenter
Arranged by Mac Huff
Performed by The Sometime Singers: Adrienne Parker, Bonnie Faber, Cathy Wells Cindy Guyon, Bob Quenelle, Bob Reid, Rich Guyon, Roger Fisher
Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree
Music and lyrics by Johnny Marks
Arranged by Mac Huff
You are My Christmas Angel
Music and lyrics by Mac Huff
'Till the Season Comes 'Round Again
Music and lyrics by John Barlow Jarvis and Randy Goodrum
Arranged by Mark Brymer
Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town
Music by J. Fred Coots
Lyrics by Haven Gillespie
Arranged by Jay Althouse
Sing We Now, Rejoice!
Traditional German Carol
Arranged by Donald Moore
Blow, Blow, Thou Winter Wind
Music by John Purifoy
Lyrics by William Shakespeare
Hanerot Halalu
Traditional Hanukkah Song
Arranged by Becki Slagle Mayo
Clarinet: Cathy Wells
Blue Christmas/A Seat on Santa's Sleigh
Music and Lyrics by Billy Hayes and Jay Johnson
Blue Christmas arranged by Roger Emerson
Santa's Sleigh music by Rudy Kalafus
Performed by The Crew: Don Barnett, Bob Cancellieri, Bob Sinn, Bob Stoner, Don Schilling, Fred Rust, Roger Fisher, Rudy Kalafus
Candy Cane Lane
Music and lyrics by Jennifer Zuffinetti
Arranged by Mac Huff
Performed by The Songbirds: Adrienne Parker, Barbara Hayes, Barbara Howell, Bonnie Faber, Glenda Rasmussen, Julianne Savage, Nicole Varnell, Norine DeGregori, Susan Heimsoth
Silver Bells
Music and lyrics by Jay Livingston and Ray Evans
Flute: Cathy Wells
Christmas Pops Trio
Arranged by Jay Althouse
God Bless Us Everyone
Music and lyrics by Glen Ballard and Alan Sivestri
Arranged by John Purifol and Ted Ricketts