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A Whole New World
Words by Tim Rice
Music by Alan Menken
Arranged by Ed Lojeski
Mele Kalikimaka
Words and music by R. Alex Anderson
Arranged by Jay Althouse
South African Folksong
Arranged by Donald Moore
Words and music by Sally K. Albrecht
Performed by The Chix: Barbara Howell, Donna Lindert, Glenda Rasmussen, Kathy Potter, Lois Huckins, Lynda Fox, Nancy Vaughan, Norine DeGregori, Suzanne Burns-Tobin
I'll Be Home for a Winter Wonderland
Music by Kim Gannon, Walter Kent, Buck Ram, Felix Barnard, Dick Smith
Arranged by SPEBSQSA and Rudy Kalafus
Performed by The Crew: Bob Cancellieri, Bob Sinn, Bob Stoner, Don Schilling, Fred Rust, George Hamma, Roger Fisher, Rudy Kalafus
A La Nanita Nana
Traditional Spanish Carol
Arranged by Sherri Porterfield
Descant Singers: Adrienne Parker, Angela Govig, Bonnie Faber, Julianne Savage, Lynda Stahl
Feliz Navidad
Words and music by Jose Feliciano
Arranged by Mac Huff
Angels Among Us
Music by Becky Hobbs and Don Goodman
Arranged by Pete Schmutte
Celebrate the Feast of Lights
Words and music by Sally K. Albrecht and Lois Brownsey
Here We Come-a-Wassailing
Traditional English Wassail Song
Jamaican Noel
Jamaican Folk Song
Adapted and arranged by Linda Spevacek
Christmas is for Children
Music by Glen MacDonough, Victor Herbert, Gordon Goodman, Charles Evans
Arranged by Mark Hayes
Soloists: George Hamma, Sybil Lewis
Il Est Ne, Le Divin Enfant
Traditional French Carol
Arranged by Audrey Snyder
Performed by The Songbirds: Adrienne Parker, Ariane Jubert, Barbara Hayes, Barbara Howell, Bonnie Faber, Glenda Rasmussen, Julianne Savage, Nicole Varnell, Norine DeGregori, Susan Heimsoth
Skatin' with My Baby
Words and music by Phil Naish, Lowell Alexander, Senator Orin Hatch
Arranged by Kirby Shaw
Performed by The Harmonics: Angela Govig, Bob Sinn, Bob Stoner, George Hamma, Ginger Deem, Julie Roberts, Lois Huckins, Nancy Vaughan, Rich Guyon, Sue Heller, Sue Stiller
Grinch! A Christmas Choral Medley
Music by Dr. Seuss, Albert Hague, Paul O'Neill, Robert Kinkel, Jon Olivia
Arranged by Andy Beck
Carol of the Bells
Words and arrangement by Jeff Funk
O Holy Night
Words by John S. Dwight
Music by Adolphe Adam
Arranged by Jay Althouse