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Noel, Noel
Arranged and translated by Linda Spevacek-Avery
German Songs for the Christmas Season
The Spirit of Christmastide
Prayer at Year's End
English translations by Susan Snook-Luther and Wilbur Skeels
Music by Lothar Bandermann
Christmas Pipes
Words and Music by Brendan Graham
Arranged by John Leavitt
Never Never Land
Music by Jule Styne, Words by Betty Comden and Adolph Green
Arranged by Mac Huff
A Midnight Clear in Bethlehem
(Gesu Bambino)
Music by Pietro Yon
Arranged by Greg Gilpin
Caroling, Caroling
Music by Alfred S. Burt, Words by Wihla Hutson
Arranged by Greg Gilpin
The Night Shall Be Filled with Music
Music by Laura Farnell
Based on a poem by H. W. Longfellow
Performed by The Chix: Suzanne Burns-Tobin, Lynda Fox, Susan Heimsoth, Barbara Howell, Lois Huckins, Julianne Savage and Nancy Vaughan
Ring Those Christmas Bells
Words and Music by Mac Huff
Button Up Your Overcoat
Words and Music by B.G. Desylva, Lew Brown, Ray Henderson
Arranged by Jill Gallina
Ensemble: Suzanne Burns-Tobin, Bob Cancellieri, Lynda Fox, Rich Guyon, Susan Heimsoth, Barbara Howell, Lois Huckins, Julianne Savage, Bob Sinn, Ted Suyeyasu and Nancy Vaughan
African Noel
South African Folksong
Arranged by Donald Moore
Performed by the Tenors and Basses
In the Bleak Mid-Winter
Music by Laura Green
Poem by Christina Rossetti
Performed by the Sopranos and Altos
The Prayer
Music and Lyrics by Carole Bayer Sager and David Foster
Arranged by Teena Chinn
We Are Lights
(The Chanukah Song)
Music by Stephen Schwartz, Words by Steven Young
Arranged by Carole Stephens
Baby, It's Cold Outside
Music by Frank Loesser
Arranged by Kirby Shaw