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America the Beautiful
Words by Katharine Lee Bates
Music by Samuel Ward
All Aboard!
Words by Mack Gordon and Johnny Mercer
Music by Harry Warren
Arranged by Jay Althouse
Paint Your Wagon
Words by Alan Jay Lerner
Music by Frederick Loewe
Arranged by Jacques C. Rizzo
Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree
Words and music by Charlie Tobias, Lew Brown and Sam Stept
Arranged by Allan Billingsley
Performed by The Songbirds: Adrienne Parker, Barbara Howell, Bonnie Faber, Glenda Rasmussen, Julianne Savage, Lynda Stahl, Nicole Varnell, Norine DeGregori, Susan Heimsoth
American Folk Song
Arranged by Jay Althouse
Ashokan Farewell
Words by Grian McGregor
Music by Jay Ungar
Arranged by Carole Stephens
This Is My Country
Words by Don Raye
Music by Al Jacobs
Arranged by Roy Ringwald
Across America ... in About Three Minutes
Medley words and music by Various Artists
Arranged by Mark Weston
The Birth of the Blue
Words by B. G. DeSylva and Lew Brown
Music by Ray Henderson
Arranged by Carl Strommen
Over the Rainbow
Words by E. Y. Harburg
Music by Harold Arlen
Arranged by Andy Beck, as performed by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
Sextet: Adrienne Parker, Bob Quenelle, Ginger Deem, Lynda Fox, Rich Guyon, Susan Heimsoth
Ukulele: Eric Serdahl
Alexander's Ragtime Band
Words and music by Irving Berlin
Arranged by Joe Ambrosio
Performed by The Chix: Barbara Howell, Carol Griffith, Donna Lindert, Glenda Rasmussen, Kathy Potter, Lois Huckins, Lynda Fox, Nancy Vaughan, Norine DeGregori, Suzanne Burns-Tobin
Banjo: Eric Serdahl
Take Me Out to the Ball Game
Words by Jack Norworth
Music by Albert Von Tilzer
Additional words and arrangement by Jay Althouse
Fields of Gold
Music and words by G. M. Sumner
Arranged by Roger Emerson
Guitar: Eric Serdahl
God Bless the U.S.A.
Words and music by Lee Greenwood
Arranged by Mark Brymer
Descant Singers: Adrienne Parker, Bonnie Faber, Julianne Savage, Kathy Gutto, Lois Huckins, Lynda Stahl, Nancy Vaughan, Norine DeGregori, Sue Stiller