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Whistle While You Work
Music by Frank Churchill, Lyrics by Larry Morey
Arranged by Norman Luboff
Piccolo: Cathy Wells
Hakuna Matata
Music by Elton John, Lyrics by Tim Rice
Arranged by Roger Emerson
Feed the Birds
Music and Lyrics by Robert B. Sherman, Richard M. Sherman
Arranged by Christi Cary Miller
Kiss the Girl
Music by Alan Merken, Lyrics by Howard Ashman
Arranged by Rudy Kalafus
Performed by The Crew: Bob Sinn, Bob Stoner, Don Barnett, George Hamma, Rudy Kalafus
Percussion: Eric Serdahl
Cruella De Vil
Music and Lyrics by Mel Leven
Arranged by Kirby Shaw
Performed by The Harmonics: Bob Sinn, Bob Stoner, Dann Bergman, John Kerwin, Ginger Deem, Julie Salvador, Laurie Robell, Lois Huckins, Nancy Vaughan, Sue Heller, Sue Stiller, Brian Salada, Terry Tanner
Percussion: Eric Serdahl
I See the Light
Music by Alan Merken, Lyrics by Glenn Slater
Arranged by Marlene Fernandez
Solo: Jan Allen
Candle on the Water
Music and Lyrics by Joel Hirschhorn, Al Kasha, Gerry Goffin
Arranged by Mac Huff
Cruisin' for a Bruisin'
Music and Lyrics by Mitch Allan, Jason Evigan, Jason Charles Miller, Nikki Leonti
Arranged by Mac Huff
Arranged by Alan Billingsley
Disney Friendship Favorites
Arranged by Alan Billingsley
The Bare Necessities
Music and Lyrics by Terry Gilkyson
Arranged by John Leavitt
God Help the Outcasts
Music by Alan Menken, Lyrics by Stephen Schwartz
Arranged by Audrey Snyder
When You Wish Upon a Star
Music by Leigh Harline, Lyrics by Ned Washington
Solo: Norine DeGregori
A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes
Music and Lyrics by Mack David, Al Hoffman, Jerry Livingston
Arranged by Roger Emerson
Performed by The Chix: Barbara Howell, Kathy Potter, Donna Lindert, Glenda Rasmussen, Lois Huckins, Lois Kalafus, Lynda Fox, Nancy Vaughan, Tara Lee
Music and Lyrics by Robert B. Sherman, Richard M. Sherman
Duet: John Albrecht, Sybil Lewis
Step in Time
Music and Lyrics by Robert B. Sherman, Richard M. Sherman, George Stiles, Philip Kern
Arranged by Philip Kern
Beauty and the Beast
Music by Alan Menken, Lyrics by Howard Ashman
Arranged by Mac Huff
Be Our Guest
Music by Alan Menken, Lyrics by Howard Ashman
Arranged by Mac Huff
Soloists: Dann Bergman, Marge Hand